From engineering to HR, growing a tech team – Sophie Theen

Human resources, Talent & Career Advice
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Sophie Theen is Head of HR & Talent at 11FS.

11FS is about to undergo a period of growth. Sophie joined the company to oversee this expansion. An HR professional with a background in engineering she is uniquely placed to understand the pain points associated with rapidly growing a tech team.

Sophie’s passion lies in helping companies understand the importance of people, culture, and talent as a key to success in business. She is a champion of diversity & inclusion.

Show Notes:

00.30 The importance of HR and culture.

02.08 A good HR department is necessary to increase retention.  

06.17 Has the tech startup culture changed how HR departments operate.

07.30 Cycling through staff to keep your culture fresh.

13.55 Working with churn.

16.13 Crunching the numbers in HR.

19.44 What makes a good HR professional?

24.19 Recruitment, HR and sales.

27.46 The role technology is playing in the HR process.